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Heating Instructions

Getting Your Chocolate Fountain Chocolate Ready

Place your fountain on a flat and stable surface within reach of a mains supply.The fountain must be completely level to work properly so adjust the small feet as needed, if you have some on the base.Plug the fountain in turn on to heat position let it warm up for between 3-5 mins.Now it's time to get the chocolate ready, It needs to be melted before you place it in the warmed fountain bowl.The quickest and simplest way to do this is in the microwave but you can also melt your chocolate on the hob. For the best cascading effects, you need at least 800g dependent on your machine.


Place the Milk  Fountain Ready callets in to a bowl in the microwave,If you have bought Callebaut Milk Chocolate you will need to add Cocoa butter Callets that are provided to the Chocolate at this stage as well .Heat it in 1 min spurts ( 800w oven ) and then stir. Return it to the microwave for a further minute and then check again.Keep doing this until the chocolate is completely melted.Be careful not to let the Chocolate stick or burn.You will not need to add any oil to Callebaut Fountain Ready Chocolate .If you have bought Callebaut Milk chocolate you will have Cocoa butter callets also, just add these with the chocolate at the beginning this will help with the flow of the chocolate.


Place the Chocolate ( and Cocoa butter Callets if you need them ) in a heat proof bowl in a large saucepan of Hot water not Boiling on the hob over a low heat.Stir the Chocolate constantly until it's completely melted.Take care to not let it stick or burn.It's important not to add water or any water-based liquids to your Chocolate as this will make it harden and stop the flow.

Adding Chocolate to your Fountain.

Pour your melted Chocolate into the centre of the Chocolate Fountain bowl at the base .Turn the dial or machine on to flow, the spiral drive inside will draw the Chocolate up to the top, and then the Chocolate will start to flow over the tiers with irresistible warm Chocolate.

Start Dipping and enjoy !!

These are only general guide lines and depend on what machine you are using.