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Fountain Ready Chocolate



Our Callebaut fountain ready chocolate is a new formulated chocolate ideal for chocolate fountains. The chocolate comes in small buttons otherwise known as ‘Callets’, with extra cocoa butter added to help with viscosity so there’s no need to add anything.

Chocolate Barns

Luxury Fountain ready chocolate formulated and made exclusive to Chocolate Barns. Our chocolate is ideal for both home and commercial fountains.

Our fountain ready chocolate also comes in the form of buttons with cocoa butter added so there is no need to add oil or cocoa butter. Just put the chocolate in a suitable container and heat in the microwave, in short bursts of one minute, until the chocolate has melted. Then pour into your fountain!

Our chocolate is available in Milk, Dark, White and a range of colours/flavours. We offer a wide range of sizes and all of our chocolate carries a best before date of 1 year from date of purchase.

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